Sydney in a nutshell

Sydney is Australia’s financial centre.

It is Australia’s largest city with a population of about 4.76 million people.

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and is located on Australia’s South-East coast.

It is not the capital of Australia although it is probably the most internationally recognised Aussie city.

Viewing Sydney from the air is unforgettable and absolutely breathtaking.

Greater Sydney Districts

 Sydney City

Liveability survey

According to the 2016 Economist Intelligence Unit’s Livability Survey, Sydney held the seventh position for the past couple of years as the most livable city in the world.

Unfortunately, in 2016 Sydney dropped out of the top ten due to fears over terrorism.

The high cost of housing is a negative factor, but there are many building projects currently under construction to help alleviate the housing shortage.

The many cranes you see dotting the skyline, proves it.

Also Sydney is currently undergoing a massive infrastructure program that includes new motorways, train lines and tunnels under the river.

Stunning location and highlights

Sydney city centre

The heart of Sydney City

The city which is located on the Parramatta river also includes the beautiful Harbour Bridge and the stunning Opera House that draws thousands of tourists to the city.

Sydney is truly a cosmopolitan city where you can enjoy galleries and arts, cafes, restaurants, festivals, theater as well as the beautiful Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens.

For sheer spectacle value visit the Sydney Aquarium that rates high among the aquariums of the world.

Also include a visit to the Sydney Wildlife World where you can experience close encounters with some of Australia’s most beautiful and unusual plants and animals.

Getting about the harbour and exploring other places and attractions is easy to do using the fast and slow ferries as well as water taxis that ply the waters.

Sydney’s beaches

Sydney Palm Beach

Stunningly beautiful Palm Beach

5 km to the east and easily accessible by the city’s efficient train service is the world-renowned Bondi Beach ( it’s a 3 km walk from Bondi Junction Station).

Not far away is the very popular with locals and equally beautiful Coogee Beach. The Bondi to Coogee walk is outstanding and well worth the effort.

My favourite is Manly beach which is north of the city and can easily be accessed by fast and slow ferries that run like clockwork.

An added bonus when doing this 40-minute trip is the close up view of the awesome North and South Heads that open up to the Pacific Ocean.

An hour’s drive further North and stopping to visit more amazing golden sand beaches along the way, is Palm Beach where the popular Aussie TV series Home and Away is filmed.

To the south is Cronulla, derived from an Aboriginal word kurranulla meaning ‘place of pink seashells’.

It is located on the Bate Bay coastline and is the only Sydney beach that can be reached by train.

Sydney Blue Mountains

The spectacular Blue Mountains

Out West there no beaches but there are some wonderful national parks as well as the Blue Mountains with its Eucalyptus trees and awe-inspiring gorges.

The Blue Mountains have been home to Aboriginal people for at least 22,000 years.

If you find yourself near Clarence then take a trip on the restored Zig Zag Railway.

Sydney’s Weather

Sydney weather

Sydney’s weather on average is pretty mild with on average between six and seven hours of sunshine each day.

Summers can get very hot and dry while winters are mild but it can get cold and wet at times for weeks on end.

In summer the temperature can swing wildly i.e. one day it could be over 35°C but the next as low as 16°C. Often this change acts as a bit of a relief.

The winds are usually from the South East to North East in summer and in winter, North West to South West and often brings rain.

Severe weather around the Sydney area includes thunderstorms with large hailstones, gale force winds and even the sporadic tornado.

Bush fires are always a possibility in the area especially, after a long dry summer.

What do you think?

Sydney city centre

Busy, busy, busy

I love Sydney but it isn’t where I would want to live. Like any big city with its hustle and bustle, it’s too busy and crowded for me.

I personally love it on The Central Coast, a 1.5 hour drive further north where life is a bit slower.

My friends and relatives who live in and around the outskirts of the city centre, love it there.

If you have a question or want to share your thoughts about living in Sydney, please use the comment section below to share and help people that visit this blog to understand more about the Sydney greater area.

Sydney is a BIG city so I’m sure any thoughts you may have about living here will be greatly appreciated.

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