My Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

My exciting Sydney Harbour Bridge climb

Sydney harbour bridge climb

Maria Venter – South Africans to Oz

So what’s it like climbing one of the world’s most recognized landmarks? I have only one word that sums it up….magical! And this is how I got to do it:

During my first year in Australia as a broke backpacker, I took a job as a nanny in the northern suburbs of Sydney to make a bit of extra money. It was for a lovely Dutch family with 3 smart, funny and energetic kids!

Well I ended up working for the family for around 6 months and loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, they decided to head back to Holland and so we had to say our sad goodbyes

As a thank you gift, knowing how adventurous I was in those days, they very generously bought me a ticket to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge! Well I couldn’t wait!

It was something I’d always wanted to do since arriving in Sydney, but of course I never had enough money!

Sydney harbour bridge

Costly Sydney Harbour Bridge climb tickets

Yes, the tickets are quite pricey but since it’s something you’d probably only do once in a lifetime I don’t think you can put a price tag on that.

Types of climbs and cost:

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge climb Sampler $163 – $188 (a quicker, lower walk for those pushed for time or with height concerns)
  • Day Climb: $298 – $323
  • Twilight: $363 – $393
  • Night: $258 – $283
  • Dawn: $383 – $393

See the website below for slightly cheaper child tickets.

Aus Harbour bridge climb

Got to have the right gear.

Getting prepped

So over I went to the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb office and got prepped for the climb. The first thing you are reminded about is to not have any loose items with you, and a locker is proved for you to store your personal belongings in.

You are then fitted in a climbing suit (to avoid pockets or loose fabric from getting hooked or snared). They put you into groups of 14 people and give you your safety briefing. This also gives you an opportunity to practice how to clip your harness on and off along the railing of the climb. So yes, you are clipped in pretty much the entire climb so no need to worry about falling!

Australia's Sydney harbour bridge climb

Spectacular views waiting for you

My magical bridge walk

Then you begin your magical walk which takes anything from 1.5 to 3.5 hours, depending which type of climb you choose. The Climb operators welcome anyone over 8 years old, with moderate fitness, and are even at hand to help those who have set this as a challenge to overcome their fear of heights.

While I was admiring the view and taking it all in, the group in front of us had stopped for a longer than normal pause right at the top of the bridge. We soon realized there had been a wedding proposal and the on-site photographer was frantically trying to capture every angle of the special moment!

Aus Harbour bridge

At the top – Awesome!

What a wonderful experience

We finally got our turn at the top and the view of Sydney, the harbor and the Opera house in particular was just breathtaking. The group I was a part of were from all walks of life and countries, but the buzz you get from sharing this experience helps you feel relaxed and bonded with these strangers.

So, if you plan on visiting Sydney or have lived there for many years without having lived this experience, I highly recommend that you buy yourself a ticket and get climbing…go on…I dare you!

For all up to date information please check out the official Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb website:


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