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job sponsorship for oz

Job Sponsorship for Oz – South Africans who want to live in Oz must qualify for an Australian sponsorship visa but how do you know which is the right one?

Temporary sponsored visas vs permanent sponsored visas

I was surprised to find out that Australian companies prefer the temporary TSS Subclass 482 visas to skilled permanent visas like the 189 visa.

Companies here do want to fill positions permanently but often do not want to go through the hassle of the sponsorship for Oz process.

How will you be able to find a permanent sponsored job?

I recommend you check out Nadine Myers, Managing Director and Emigration Job Strategist of Sponsored Jobs In Australia.  I do get a small commission if you decide to join Nadine.

Nadine has helped hundreds of people find, not just any job in Australia, but jobs that are a perfect fit. She’s been specializing in this niche  for over 12 years.

Tips for finding job sponsorship for Oz

Many people don’t want to consider a temporary sponsored visa but temporary can be a good thing. Permanent sponsored work visas are much harder for companies to get.

You have four years to prove to your Australian employer that you are worth the investment to a more permanent sponsored visa.  When you have your interview with the company ask if they are open to sponsoring you permanently after two years.

My nephew and his family arrived on the now obsolete 457 visa and two years later got sponsorship for a Skilled Permanent Visa. After another 2 years they applied for citizenship and had their naturalization ceremony on Australia Day, January 2017.

Finding out if you qualify for Australian sponsorship

A common mistake people make who do not qualify for the General Skilled Migration route, is to assume that their only other option is a 482 TSS visa sponsorship.

They then start looking for TSS visa sponsorship jobs still not knowing if they qualify for an Australian visa.

Do not start your search for jobs with sponsorship until you know that you qualify. – Nadine Myers

You can spend hours  on the Australian Immigration website trying to determine if you qualify for a specific occupation on the Skilled Occupations List.

This self-assessment can lead to incorrect conclusions that can end up in applying for the wrong job.


If you find a job you think you qualify for then the next step is to go to ANZSCO where you can determine if the job description matches your experience.

If you do your own assessment, be very thorough and make sure you keep on top of changes in new migration policies.

On the ANZSCO site, enter the occupation title, with the ANZSCO codes if possible and click “GO”. The result offers suggestions of an occupation group and from there you are directed to a page that lists qualifications and experience you require. This is a must do tip from Nadine

Consider getting a professional visa assessment

If you are not sure about your viability, get your visa assessment from a registered migration agent or lawyer.

It is always a good thing to check they are currently registered at the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Contact a migration agent, by email or through a contact form. You should mention your search from ANZSCO and ask for other occupations that you might qualify for.

Tell them how many points you think you qualify for because they are experts in boosting them.

Now the main objective for a migration agent is to get your business. When they respond to you about your assessment, be sure to get a detailed breakdown of any fees they mention.

Professional agents will offer to do a free visa assessment and also chat on the phone. DO NOT MISS THAT CALL!

Nadine’s website,, single objective is to help people find jobs in Australia that offer visa sponsorship for Oz.

Her thorough step by step process finds sponsored jobs and she also shares her own human and recruitment resources.

Nadine has many more wonderful tips for filling out an Expression of Interest (EOI) on Skillselect. She also gives away her strategy on how to bypass recruiters and tap into Australia’s hidden job market.

If you’re serious about finding job sponsorship for Oz then I highly recommend you check out Nadine’s site.

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