Shipping With Send My Bag

“Send My Bag is a luggage shipping company for students, business professionals, travelers, sports enthusiasts and holiday makers. 

Offering fast and affordable door to door delivery of your personal effects, they provide door to door box and luggage shipping to over 100 countries.”

I heard about Send My Bag from my nephew who had to send some important personal items from Cape Town to his brother, who now lives permanently in Adelaide, Australia.

As an ex sailor myself, I often had to send stuff to and from all over the world. I know what a struggle it can be to find a reliable shipping company that delivers door to door or as it was for me “ship to door”

From my nephews point of view, he was pretty chaffed how smoothly everything went and said he would not hesitate to recommend this shipping company of small boxes, luggage and other parcels.

shipping with send my bag

I contacted their representative in Sydney and quizzed him about the business. He was extremely helpful and when I told him about my website, he offered me a small commission for any business the site sends to them, at no extra cost to you.

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Send My Bag Website

What I like about the Send My Bag website is that it’s modern, fast and uncluttered. Their FAQ page is great with lots of information i.e. it’s like a quick- help guide.

If you are looking to send extra luggage, sport equipment or large or small articles, then check out the short video above.

Items are priced from up to 5 kg,15kg, 30kg and more.

Saving the big bucks

Airlines are charging huge excess baggage fees nowadays if your bag is only a kilo or two overweight, and these charges are putting people off travelling where they want to go for as long as they want to.

Send My Bag can get your bags from your home in SA to your destination, for a smaller price and at your convenience.

I could bang on a lot more about this service but I think when you visit this site you will know immediately if it will work for you.shipping with send my bag

Click here to visit Send My Bag now


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