Perth City

Perth In A Nutshell

Perth is the capital of Western Australia

Perth is Australia’s fourth largest city and 1,958,912 people live there.

This most isolated city in the world, is located on Australia’s South West coast.

Adelaide is the closest major Australian city to Perth which is 2,696 km away.

I have visited Perth a few times and love it there.

Perth Metro

Perth City Metro

Perth sprawls along a flat coastal plain, centred along the Swan River and bounded by the Darling Scarp to the east and the Indian Ocean coastline in the west.

Liveability survey

Aus. cities

Perth is in 7th position. Awesome!

According to the 2016 Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Survey, Perth holds 7th position as the most liveable city in the world.

Australia has 3 cities in the top ten which I think is an awesome achievement.

I have visited the city twice and find it to be very modern, clean and compact.

It is easy to get about Perth with its modern infrastructure that is constantly being improved on.

The cost of housing is more affordable (Perth’s economy is currently in a bit of a slump) when compared to Sydney or Melbourne.

Location and transport

Perth sprawls along a flat coastal plain, centred along the beautiful Swan River and is bounded by the Darling Scarp to the east and the Indian Ocean coastline in the west.

I found Perth a surprisingly culturally diverse city that is no doubt due to the high rate of migration.

Always a great vibe at outdoor restaurants in Perth

An advantage of Perth is the diversity of cuisine available and can be experienced without the hustle and bustle of larger cities

The Perth metropolitan area has a reliable and inexpensive public transport system making travelling to the tourist attractions within Perth, Fremantle, Cottesloe, Scarborough easy.

Outside of that, having a car is the way to go.

Perth highlights

For me beautiful Kings Gardens is well worth a visit.

Beautiful Rottnest Island is another highlight you should consider visiting.

Wa Maritime Museum

Whaler and whale tail exhibit at this fascinating shipwrecks museum

The WA Shipwrecks Museum is recognized as the foremost maritime archaeology museum in the southern hemisphere.

One of the worlds largest musical instruments, The Bell Tower houses the Swan Bells in a distinctive 82.5-metre-high tower located within Barrack Square.

Spending time in Freemantle

Perth’s beaches

Beach at Scarborough

Beautiful Scarborough Beach

You must travel about 10 km west from the city to get to the stunning coastline of the Indian Ocean.

The people of Perth are really spoilt for an infinite choice of marvelous white sandy beaches.

To name a few there is Waterman Beach, North Beach, South Trigg Beach, Scarborough Beach, Brighton Beach, Floreat Beach, City Beach, Swanbourne Beach, Cottesloe Beach etc. The list goes on and on.

Perth’s weather

Perth city temperature

The City experiences a temperate Mediterranean type climate.

Summers are hot and dry (30 deg C) whilst winters are generally wet and mild (19 deg C).

In summer temperatures can at time exceed 40 deg C, but low humidity helps make it bearable.

In the Perth metropolitan area, the summertime temperature rises rapidly during the morning and is cooled by the fresh “Fremantle Doctor” which blows inland from the ocean, in the afternoon.

The Freemantle Doctor usually runs out of wind before reaching suburbs further inland, leaving the foothills and beyond to swelter till after sunset.

Perth City Raining

Yes believe it or not but it can rain really hard in Dry Perth

Perth goes through lengthy dry spells in Winter but when it does rain, it pours.

What do you think?

It will be great for other visitors to hear your opinion about what it’s like to live in Perth.

Please enter your comments in the comment box below. As I said before, I love Perth.

Find out more about Perth’s visitors centre here.

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