Oz Cities

oz cities

Australian Cities in a nutshell

Since settling in Australia I have stayed in most of Australia’s big cities

and surrounds, except for Melbourne and Adelaide.

These cities are on my next years ‘to visit list’.

My daughter, Maria Venter, has visited and stayed in all of the major cities many times so much of my ‘real’ information also comes from her.

I also rely on information supplied by family and friends who live in these cities and surrounding towns.

Hence the subtitle ‘ City name …. in a nutshell’

Check out the cities in a nutshell here:-

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Melbourne in a nutshell

Brisbane in a nutshell

Perth in a nutshell

Adelaide in a nutshell

Canberra in a nutshell

Hobart in a nutshell

Darwin in a nutshell

Oz City Avoka

This is Avoca beach, Central Coast, NSW where I live. Not to shabby hey?