Koala Emotions – 10 Mixed Feelings

10 Koala emotions you will love 

These wonderful cuddly animals are often called koala ‘bears’ but they are in fact marsupials, or pouched mammals.

I have come across quite few koalas when hiking in the gum forests and because they are hard to spot, it’s always a big thrill when you find one.

When I talk about a koalas emotions my friends laugh at me and say that koalas have only two emotions – sleep and more sleep

10 Koalas expressions that show emotion


The pic shows the true signs of feeling content with the world that this koala lives in. Most people can only dream of feeling this emotion.

koala emotions

Hi, I’m from Australia where we are pretty content.


With its eyes pulled together and ears pulled flat something is clearly worrying this little chap. Makes you want to hold and cuddle it so it feels safe.

worried koala

I’m such a worry wart.


Old blue eyes here is showing all the characteristics of someone who is blue with envy.

I suspect it’s eyeing out another koala who is chewing on a more scrumptious eucalyptus leaf.

envious koala

This baby has Blue Eyes


Ha ha, what a happy chappie. Its infectious smile will  lift anyone’s spirits if they are feeling a little down.

happy koala

Hello mates, have a happy day.


Now here is the naughty face of a baby koala. Curiosity is the emotion she is feeling and can’t wait until she’s old enough to explore her world.

curious koala

I’m curious to know what you are looking at?


Not quite sure where to look, this sweet koala wants our attention but is feeling a little shy about it.

shy koala

Sorry, but I’m feeling a little shy.


Baby love is in the air, baby love is everywhere. This mother is showing true love.

loving koala

Love you.


This little fellow seems to be showing signs of suffering from a too many eucalyptus leaves, hangover. After having had a good time it is now time to pay the price.

hangover koala

Oh boy, that was a great feed.


Its wide open stare and look of total innocence usually means a feeling guilt.

“Who, me?”

“Yes you little fellow.”

guilty koala

Who me, no definitely not me.


This beautiful little fellow is deep in thought. Its far away slightly glazed look,  tells us he is in La La land. 

thinking koala


 Koala emotions

There you are, proof that koalas have emotions just like us.

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