Future Australian Occupations For 2030

future Australian occupations

Future Australian occupations for migrants from South Africa

A new report has predicted that in little over a decade every job in Australia will change.

Some jobs will disappear altogether due to automation while other jobs will be less repetitive.

Future job seekers must enhance their writing and communication skills to stay employed.

I often wonder which occupations people wishing to migrate to Australia in the future should study for.

Obsolete diplomas and degrees for future Australian occupations

It’s no good studying for a diploma or degree for a job that will probably be obsolete by the time you qualify which many students are already finding out today.

I think educational institutions are not helping as they are known to promote courses that make them money but will be pretty useless to find future jobs with.

So, if I was thinking of migrating to another country for whatever reason one day, what are the occupations of the future that will help get me over the line.

The New Work Smarts report

The Foundation for Young Australians has recently released their New Work Smarts report which predicts the skills and capabilities needed in 2030.

This report highlights implications for all sectors and workers, and finds that no job is safe.

The New Work Smarts report analysed over 20 billion hours of work completed by 12 million Australian workers across 400 occupations so it’s very comprehensive.

future Aus focus jobs expo

The next generation have an exciting future waiting for them.

15-year olds job future

According to the research todays 15-year olds will likely make 17 changes in employers across 5 varying careers and must also be prepared to learn on the job.

They will be spending 77% more time using science, technology, maths and engineering skills than the same job demands presently.

Future employees will also need to become more empathetic and persuasive, as well as better listeners while managers are also predicted to become less important because workers will become more independent and flexible.

What the report says

“As people work more flexibly and independently, including through digital work platforms, they will need to rely less on being managed or told what to do.

On average, they will work without a manager for three hours more a week, receive one hour less instruction and rely two hours less on organisational co-ordination with colleagues and superiors.”

future Australian nurses jobs focus

What will the world be like without these wonder women? A big mess I guess.

The number one job future job

Nurses are already in high demand here and according to the Federal Government’s Future Focus report it expects nursing will be the fastest growing occupation by 2050.

There will also be new careers in technical, professional and managerial fields due to an aging as well as growing population.

So, if you are looking for a future Australian occupation that will possibly increase your chances of getting accepted by the Australian Immigration Department, then check out these statistics according to the Federal Employment Department:

Top three growth industries by 2025

  1. Health care and social assistance – projected to increase by up to 798,000 jobs
  2. Professional, scientific and technical services – projected to increase by up to 583,000 jobs
  3. Education and training – projected to increase by up to 503,700 jobs

Top tertiary qualified jobs in 2025

1.Registered nurses
2.Advertising and sales managers
3. Software and applications programmers
4. Accountants
5. CEO and Managing Directors
6. Secondary school teachers
7. Primary school teachers
8. Private tutors and teachers
9. Contract program and project administrators
10. General managers

Top vocational and trade jobs

1.Aged & Disabled Carers
2.Child Carers
3. Electricians
4. Nursing Support & Personal Care Workers
5. Construction Managers
6. Real Estate Sales Agents
7. Welfare Support Workers
8. Metal Fitters & Machinists
9. Plumbers
10. Education Aides

Australian Jobs Focus

The way forward

That’s still a lot of skilled jobs to choose from, just make sure your choice will give you every opportunity to enter the  future Australian occupations market.

Hays recruitment managing director Nick Deligiannis reckons that one should look for jobs where technology increases productivity, rather than replaces the worker eg. routine jobs like bookkeeping and factory work are being replaced by technology.

The future Australian occupations market has been described by experts as an hourglass, plenty of jobs at the top and bottom with slim pickings in the middle. An example of the slim pickings is the mechanic who will without doubt be replaced by technology.

I just had a quick look at available sponsored jobs by industry at Sponsored Jobs in Australia. The category Healthcare and Medical  offers more than half the jobs available with Trades and Services in second place.


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