Expat Quality of Living Survey 2018

2 Australian cities in the top 2018

The 2018 Mercer expat quality of living survey released in March 2018 places Sydney in 10th position and Melbourne 16th position.

Mercer is the leading provider of data on quality of living for expats sent to work abroad.

The 2018 expat quality of living study compares 230 cities worldwide based on 39 different criteria including political, social, economic and environmental factors.

You can read their full report here

The expat quality of living survey

The survey results help employers make constructive decisions about where to deploy their mobile employees and set up new business. For employers, a city’s quality of living is an important variable to consider.

Vienna earned the top spot for the ninth time with Zurich second.  Auckland (the City of Sails) earned third place. For such a small country I think 3rd place is fantastic.

I lived near Auckland for four years and agree with the that it’s a fantastic city to live and work in.

Improving their positions

Expat Quality of Living Survey 2018

Sydney is undergoing a major revamp which should give a higher Mercer ranking in the future

Sydney and Melbourne are currently undergoing massive infrastructure programs to bring these cities into the 21st century.

These programs are designed to improve the quality of living of its people in a huge way so I’m sure that the positions of these two cities will certainly rise in the future.

Read about what’s happening in Sydney, NSW here

Helping municipalities to improve

Improving the expats quality of living

Melbourne is working hard to stay ahead and improve it’s position in the survey.

Mercer also helps municipalities to assess factors that can improve their quality of living rankings.

City Sanitation category

On another happy note, Mercer included a separate ranking on City Sanitation where Adelaide is ranked 7th, and Melbourne and Perth in joint 14th position.

City Sanitation analyses cities’ waste removal, sewage infrastructure, levels of infectious disease, air pollution, water availability and quality.

In 2018 Honolulu is in the number one spot.

Where to work abroad

If you are thinking of working abroad for your employer and want to find out which city will suit you best then learn more here about the Mercer Survey.


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