DIY Sponsored Job Search

Here is a short review about Nadine Myers Job Sponsorship for Australia website that explains what DIY Job Search is about.

This lady knows what she is talking about as she has more than 10 years’ experience as an Immigration Job Search Strategist in Australia.

Nadine’s e-Guide teaches you the latest methods and strategies that you need to know about to successfully find an Australian employer who will sponsor you. This is especially important now with all the immigration changes happening.

According to Nadine “Approximately 75-95% of jobs that will offer employer sponsorship are not advertised in the market.”

Another proven fact is that if you bypass the recruitment agency and approach the Australian employer directly, you have more chance of being considered for employer sponsorship

Here is what Seek says about the hidden job market

DIY sponsorship job searchGo to Nadine Myers Job Sponsorship for Australia website and I’m positive, as a job seeker, you will be impressed.

Click here to go to the Job Sponsorship for Australia, then click the DIY Job Search button.