Australia’s Stricter Visa Controls In 2018

Stricter visa controls in 2018

stricter visa controls

Frank Rijkers – South Africans to Oz

Will stricter visa controls in 2018 make visa application processing faster for genuine applicants in Oz?

MARA migration agents think it is probable that there will be stricter visa controls in Australia 2018. Agents expect the Australian Immigration Department to introduce a new visa risk assessment program.

New program

The departments plan to identify undesirables before they enter the country. This is good news for valid visa holders/applicants as it will probably speed up their visa application progress.

A new program will consolidate broad ranging immigration and border information that allows risks to be assessed through targeted intelligence. 

Officials will be able to identify possible concerns earlier to enable swifter action that includes visa cancellations earlier in the process.

It is hoped the program will be able to identify low-risk visa applicants, thereby providing a smoother process and improve customer experience.

DIBP annual report

According to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s annual report: –

‘The Australian Border Force is committed to ensuring the integrity of Australia’s migration and visa programs.

We are engaged in regular operations around the country, targeting individuals who have overstayed their visa and companies who are either employing non-citizens who do not have work rights or those engaged in worker exploitation across a wide range of industries.’

Removal of undesirables

removal of undesirables

You don’t want to see this sign!

DIBP figures show that there were 15,885 cases of unlawful non-citizens detected, including 2,268 illegal workers and 57,161 visas were canceled for various reasons.

The UK slips to 3rd place

Most newcomers to Australia were from India with 38,854 visas, or 21.1% of the overall immigration figures, followed by China with 28,293 visas or 14.4% of visas and then the UK with 17,038 visas or 9.3%.

NSW most popular choice to stay

Locations in Australia where most immigrants go to live and work are led by: –

  1. New South Wales with 33.5% or 61,470 people
  2. Victoria with 25.9% or 47,549 people
  3. Queensland with 11.7% or 21,519 people
  4. Western Australia with 10.3% or 18,908 people


If you have the qualifications, skills, experience, no criminal history, have some kind of dodgy intentions and you fill in your Australian visa application correctly, you can expect a swifter process in 2018.

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