Australian Undercover Job Market

Australian Undercover Job Market – Cold Calling

Australian undercover job market

Australian undercover job market

Cold calling is a proven method to tap into the Australian undercover job market that covers 60-80% of jobs.

The undercover or hidden job market refers to jobs that are not advertised through traditional methods online.

Most job seekers pay no attention to the undercover job market and only rely on directly advertised jobs.

Cold calling is how my daughter, both son in laws as well as myself got the jobs we are currently in. Trying to get work using online employment agencies was useless so by using many of the tips listed below, is how we found our jobs.

By exploring the Australian undercover job market your chances of succeeding in finding the right job are much higher as there is less competition.

Many jobs advertised are filled before being advertised, through cold calling or networking.

It is expensive for employers to advertise a new job opening so if they find the right candidate without advertising, they will hire that person.

If you are the only candidate, you might be able to negotiate a higher starting salary.

Tips to help you get into the Australian undercover job market by cold calling

  • Only tap into the Australian undercover job market by targeting companies in the industry that you are in or the industry that you want to be in.
  • Research these companies and then cold call them directly.
  • Don’t wait for a job to be advertised because by cold calling you take the initiative.
  • Cold calling is stressful if you are new to it but don’t be discouraged after making a few calls with negative results. Cold calling does become much easier as you practice and make more calls. Cold calling companies directly can be very rewarding.
  • Start off contacting the major players in the industry.
  • You can obtain contact details from the yellow pages, internet listings, company websites and/ or professional associations.
  • Contact the department managers in those companies.
  • When speaking to a manager and they don’t have or don’t expect to have any openings, ask them if they know any other companies that may be hiring. You will be surprised at their willingness to help you and at the number of leads you’ll get.
  • Finding a job through cold calling may not be as quick as finding an advertised job i.e. Seek  but it is more rewarding.
  • With cold calling the success rate is higher due to hardly any competition when compared to as many as 100 or more competitors applying for an advertised job.

Company websites

Many larger companies only post job openings on the company website. This is because of the high cost of advertising through newspaper ads or going through recruiters.

Check the websites for jobs of those companies that are of interests to you.

It is important to check the links on those websites, as they are usually related and can lead to new opportunities.

For newly created positions, if you contact a company through networking or cold calling while they are deciding to create the position, but before a decision to advertise is made, they may decide to hire you. This is a major advantage of the hidden job market.

Keep in mind that it is not uncommon for a General Manager or a senior decision maker to create a new job and a position for a talented, self-motivated individual who has contacted him/ her through networking or cold calling.

While serious job seekers should certainly explore the hidden job market through cold calling, they should do so in addition to other different job search methods.

Get into the Australian undercover job market using networking

Australian Networking job market

If you ignore the hidden job market, you are eliminating a huge percentage of possible job opportunities waiting for you.

Use Networking to get into the undercover job market

  • Network, by letting as many people as you can know that you are looking for a job, even if they are in a different field or industry.
  • Networking is about building relationships with those who can help you.
  • Always follow up with those you network with.
  • You can network before you start looking for a job by making and keeping good relationships with those you come across. Also, keep their contact details… etc.
  • It’s a fact that the more you network the better your chances will be in future job searches.
  • Contact & talk to previous employers, associates, customers, suppliers, other parents, neighbours, people in any clubs you belong to …. etc
  • By letting everyone know that you are looking for a job your chances of success are much greater.
  • Finding a job through networking (like cold calling) may not be as quick as finding an advertised job but when you do you are more likely to get the job.


For newly created positions, if you contact a company through the hidden job market (networking or cold calling) while they are deciding to create the position, but before a decision to advertise is made, they may decide to hire you. This is a major advantage of the hidden job market.

In addition to exploring the Australian undercover job market, you shouldn’t ignore other Australian job search methods.

After you find and accept the job, it’s a good idea to contact everyone who helped you to thank them, even if that help didn’t result in a job offer. Your contacts will appreciate that you thanked them.

It is important to maintain contact as you never know when you will be looking for a job again. Maintaining your contact allows you to tap into the hidden job market, not only when you are looking for a job, but at any time.

Don’t be surprised if you get a call from one of the contacts in your network asking you if you if you would be interested in a certain position.

Building more contacts will give you easier and quicker access to the hidden job market.

Australian Resume

Most important of all, if your ‘Australian Resume’ is not up to scratch, then you are wasting your time!

Before you start your job search, whether in the visible job or undercover job market through networking or cold calling, it is crucial you have a well written Australian Resume that represents you and gets you invited for an interview.


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