Popular Australian Recipes

Popular Australian Recipes

Food, like in many other places in the world, is also a big deal in Australia.

Australians love eating out and they are also into their cooking. With so many nationalities living in Australia there is a huge variety of different foods to choose from. This is what makes eating out  in Oz such a great mouth watering taste bud adventure.

Australian recipes

Aussie Kangaroo Burgers

Maria Venter will be adding new recipes to our Popular Australia Recipes page. Many of these recipes come with an Aussie twist that makes them Australian favourites.

Friends for life

Most of the recipes are quick and simple to execute and will leave your family and guests clamoring for more.

So. go ahead and have some fun testing these new Aussie taste bud sensations.


It is a national passtime to BBQ or braai as we know it. Every household I have been to has a portable LP Gas barbecue on the stoep. Meat and seafood, especially prawns, are Aussie favourites.

Australian recipe

How to make Aussie life long friends

A cool trick is to share your recipes and invite your new Aussie friends for a BBQ and they will probably become your friends for life.

You will have to include a quite a few stubbies (beer) to seal the bargain.

One final thought

Although I have met a few Aussies who like biltong. I personally like to eat it on the quiet. Some things are just to hard to share.

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