Australian Employer Sponsorship 2018

Employer sponsorship update 2018

Australian employer sponsorship 2018

Australian employer sponsorship 2018

Last April 2017 the Australian government announced that the 457 visa will replaced by the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa in early March 2018.

Since then there have been many changes to the employer sponsored program including this January 2018 and the remainder due early March 2018

New occupations lists from 17January 2018

To date relevant legislation has not yet been released but Immigration has issued their January Skilled Visa E-news which will help you to understand these arrangements.

Changes to employer sponsored occupations lists for temporary and permanent skilled visas were introduced on 17 January 2018.

I understand that these changes will not impact undecided applications, providing they were lodged before the change takes effect.

TSS Validity Period

Currently, a 457 visa granted on or after 19 April 2017 is valid for:

 Police clearances are now required

From July 2017, 457 applicants must provide police clearance certificates for each country they spent more than 12 months in.

This will continue with the TSS Visa.

About labour market testing

In March 2018, Labour Marketing Testing (LMT) will be required on all TSS applications where international trade obligations don’t apply.

If LMT is introduced for all cases, it could impact the Sponsor’s ability to urgently fill their vacant position because of a delay in the lodgement of a TSS application.

Currently, LMT applies when nominating trade, nursing, or engineering occupations.

Further details on the TSS including streamlined initiatives for processing applications will be announced by Immigration in February.

Australian employer sponsorship 2018 conclusion 

Should you use a Migration Agent to lodge your visa application?

Obtaining an employer sponsored visa has become slower and more complicated than previously. With more changes due in the pipeline Immigration announcements can be confusing.

Make sure if you are negotiating with a possible future employer they are aware of upcoming changes in January 2018 and March 2018. Where possible, applications should be lodged before these critical dates to ensure that the impact of the changes is minimised.

A MARA agent can assist with ensuring that an employer sponsored visa is lodged prior to any critical dates. They can also ensure that it is lodged as a “decision ready” application, and so can be processed as quickly as possible.

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