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About South Africans to Oz

Hi, and welcome to South Africans to Oz. 

I set up this blog to try and help Saffas who have recently moved here and those of you who are thinking of migrating to Australia.

Even with all the changes to the immigration policies it is estimated that approximately:

1000 South Africans and their families will still qualify for the 189 skills visa annually.

Roughly 3 500 will qualify annually in the entire permanent skilled category.

There  are 130 000 permanent skilled visas granted every year.

I asked a MARA agent when he thinks it is the best time to immigrate and his reply was “The sooner the better“. Remember you must be under 45 years of age for nearly all visas. 

Although you can find lots of information by surfing the web, at South Africans to Oz I will try to give you as much real life information as well as the latest immigration news.

I hope this will help you to make informed decisions about the many aspects of moving to, and also understand what it’s really like to live in Australia.

NOTE: I must make it quite clear that I am not and do not have the knowledge of a professional immigration lawyer/migration agent whose services you may need to successfully guide you through your journey immigrating to Australia.

I am bilingual (English and Afrikaans) and on the advice of Afrikaners living here, I have decided to write this blog in English.

English is Australia’s national language so if you are Afrikaans speaking it’s best to get used to it.

Who am I??

about me

This is me at Sydney Harbour

My name is Frank Rijkers and my wife and I settled in Australia, North Avoca , New South Wales, in April 2015.

We have family and many friends who live here and others who are in the process of migrating to Australia through different visa opportunities.

We therefore have a large amount of experience to draw on.

It can be a long process, ours took 2 years, but if you persevere I’m sure most of you will get here.

On the move

My wife and I left Knysna RSA in 2002 to sail around the world on our yacht that we built while our two daughters were growing up.

Our experiences include living/working on work permits in the Caribbean and living/working in New Zealand where we became permanent residents.

Now that our nomadic days are over, we have settled down as permanent residents in beautiful Australia aka. the “Lucky” country.

We have traveled large parts of Australia in our camper and will write a few posts about our experiences.


I have added a resource page and a South Africans to Oz Facebook page to exchange stories, share advice and have fun.

You to will, like all of us, use many of the resources I have listed. Some are free and some you have to pay for.

Enjoy your journey and if you are patient and follow the correct steps as laid down by the Department of Australian Immigration, then I’m sure we will soon see you here.

About  Maria Venter

You will notice that some great informative posts are written by Maria Venter who is my daughter. She has basically been there and done the whole immigration thing, starting her journey 10 years ago.

After living and teaching in England for four years (she has a degree in early learning teaching from PE University, Eastern Cape, RSA), she came to Australia and stayed for 2 years doing farm work on a Working Holiday Visa.

She could do this because she was lucky enough to have duel (Dutch) citizenship.

Aussie citizenship

She met her SA husband in Oz and decided to settled here on a 457 visa. 2 Years later they became permanent residents.

They are now citizens of Australia and have two beautiful children.

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Here are our latest posts

5 Things I Dislike About Living in Australia

Living in Australia surfer

I have been living in Oz for 4 years and love it here except for 5 things that really irritate me.

Remember this is the lucky country so I reckon that everything should run pretty smoothly, no excuses

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New Vocations Added To Regional Occupation List

new occupations added

Since March 2018, most of the focus has been on the changes made to the new TSS 482 employer sponsoredprogram.

Finally, new positive changes have been made to the Regional Occupations List (ROL) for the Skilled Regional (Provisional) subclass 489 visa

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Eight Great Reasons To Live In Australia

I want to share my eight great reasons to live in Australia. 

It took me a bit of time (4 years) but as I learn more about Australia’s fascinating fauna and flora and see it’s beautiful natural wonders, the more I love it here.

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Expat Quality of Living Survey 2018

The 2018 Mercer expat quality of living survey released in March 2018 places Sydney in 10th position and Melbourne 16th position.

Mercer is the leading provider of data on quality of living for expats sent to work abroad.

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Two Tasmanian Visa Options – 2018

Tasmania values its migrants so if you are thinking of moving to Australia then the Tasmanian option may be worth looking into.

Tasmania is considered by most people who have visited there as one of the most spectacular places in the world.

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Australian Sponsors Obligations for TSS Visa

australian sponsors obligations success

Here is a summary of important information which you the employee should know about the responsibilities an employer/sponsor for the new 482 TSS visa.

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Australian Business Visas in 2018

Australian business visas

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is responsible for Australian business visas.

If you’d like to start a business in Australia, but you’re not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you should know:

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Australian Employer Sponsorship 2018

Australian employer sponsorship 2018

Last April 2017 the Australian government announced that the 457 visa will replaced by the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa in early March 2018.

Since then there have been many changes to the employer sponsored program including this January 2018 and the remainder due early March 2018….

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Australian Pet Owner

Pet vet bills

According to the RSPCA, Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world.

About 63% of Aussie households own pets, with dogs being the most common at 39%, and 29% going to cats.

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5 Reasons to Love Australia in 2018


When you think about why you love Australia the first thing that comes to mind for most people is blue skies with lots of sunshine.

Here are 5 reasons to love Australia.

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Australia’s Stricter Visa Controls In 2018

stricter visa controls

MARA migration agents think it is probable that there will be stricter visa controls in Australia 2018. Agents expect the Australian Immigration Department to introduce a new visa risk assessment program.

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Use an Expert Migration Agent – 5 Reasons To

Expert Migration Agent

Should you use a MARA Migration Agent to lodge your visa application, that is the question?

Firstly you must decide if the added expense of engaging an expert migration agent is really worth it?

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Australian Christmas – Tradition

Well first of all, as the Aussies tend to shorten every longer word they can, it’s not Christmas, but rather Chrissy!

Coming from SA we are used to the warmer kind of festive season, but there are still some major differences in the way Aussies celebrate Christmas.

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Australian Religious Groups – Census 2016

Australian religious groups

Australia’s recent vote to accept gay marriage got me wondering, how many different religions are practiced in Oz as well as how much support does each dominion actually have?

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Future Australian Occupations For 2030

future Aus focus jobs expo








A new report has predicted that in little over a decade every job in Australia will change.

Some jobs will disappear altogether due to automation while other jobs will be less repetitive.

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My Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb





So what’s it like climbing one of the world’s most recognized landmarks? I have only one word that sums it up….magical!

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Australian RSL Club Culture

Meat tray raffle





The Clubs were established to provide hospitality for war veterans as well as a place for them to build comradeship.

Today they are profitable organisations which are frequented by most Australian families

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Australia’s Great Kangaroos

Australia's kangaroos

When arriving in Australia a while back to visit our daughter it was my mission  to see Australia’s great kangaroos in their natural environment.

I had already seen them at the Tauranga Zoo and a reptile park not far from where I was staying, but none in the wild.

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Australian Citizenship – No Changes

Australian citizenship - no changes





It seems that applications lodged after the 1st July 2018 may be affected after new changes have been introduced.

But before any changes will come into effect new legislation will need to be re-introduced into Parliament and pass both houses.

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Whale Sharks At Ningaloo Reef WA

Snorkeling with whale sharks





Since first I heard about the whale sharks at  Ningaloo reef and the fantastic experience it can offer, it has become an obsession for me to get there.

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Coober Pedy Opal Capital Of The World

coober pedy home





Since opal was discovered here in 1915, Coober Pedy has evolved into one of the most unique places to visit in Australia. It’s a cosmopolitan town with a population of 3,500 and over 45 different nationalities.

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Aussie Vegemite Is Big In Bite





In Australia no households pantry is complete without a few jars of Vegemite. In fact, you will never be regarded as a true-blue Aussie until you publicly declare your undying love for Vegemite.

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Australian Gun Violence – Amnesty 2017





Australian gun violence seems to be on the increase and with the threat of terrorism the government is determined to remove as many guns from society as possible. I always thought of Australia as a relatively gun free society but….

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Australian Undercover Job Market

Australian undercover job market





Cold Calling Cold calling is a proven method to tap into the Australian undercover job market that covers 60-80% of jobs.

The undercover or hidden job market refers to jobs that are not advertised through traditional methods online.

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Indigenous Australian People – Aboriginal

indigenous Australian





So who exactly are the Indigenous Australian People and where does the term ‘Aboriginal” come from?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are indigenous Australians descending from groups that existed in Australia and surrounding islands.

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Koala Emotions – 10 Mixed Feelings


Homeschooling In Australia





My daughter, 5 years old, has just started her first year in the public schooling system in Australia. Although she is doing very well and skips into school each morning, I have toyed with the idea of homeschooling my children

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Western Australia Needs Health Professionals





In its recently updated skilled migration occupation list Western Australia reveals that there are many opportunities for overseas professionals in the health sector.

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My Australian Bucket List – 9 Places

Margret River W Australia





When I arrived in Australia as a permanent resident 2 years ago, one of my first actions was to compose my Australian bucket list of places I want to see.

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13 Differences Between Australia and South Africa

13 differences between Australia and South Africa




I was always of the impression that South Africa and Australia were very similar.

Boy, how wrong was I.

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South African Engineers Needed In Australia

South African engineers needed in Australia




If you’ve ever thought about moving to Australia, you might be interested to know that the land Down Under is desperate for South African engineers.

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Birds of a Feather Flock Together

birds of a feather





As thrilling as it is starting a new life in a new country (I’ve personally done it 4 times so far….call me crazy!), it’s always nice to hear a familiar accent from the   Motherland!

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Australian New Visa Con Job

Australian new visa

Fake news?






When Australia’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, announced on the 18thApril 2017 that the 457 visa was being abolished, would-be migrants to Australia believed they had been robbed of their dream of living and working in Australia.

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